Technology: Two Steps Foreword, Five Steps Back

Technology is a magically thing that has allowed for humans to share knowledge, communication, and even art. We are able to create layouts, read books, and play games all at the touch of a button.  They have allowed for designers to create designs quickly and efficiently.  On the other hand it has made people lazy in some aspects. People do not talk as much, using social media as communication, or even to learn and memorize things for school using Cliffnotes and Wikipedia to shorthand their education.  Although, I am not saying I haven’t done all of these things, I am still dismayed by our reliance.

Technology, in its bittersweetness, as been freezing on me as of late. This is mainly my fault with my habit of too many windows and applications open, but it gets very irritating. At least once a day, Photoshop closes unexpectedly, or my finder needs to be relaunched, it really drives me crazy. Here are some tips on how to keep this from happening:

  • Limit your number of applications/ programs running.
  • Work off the desktop or main part of the computer, not off of flash drives or external servers.
  • Turn off programs your not using.
  • Let your computer cool off from time to time, or have a cooling pad.
  • Defrag and clean out cookies to remove unneeded programs.
  • Have a firewall or antivirus to keep your tech healthy. 

Postgrad Update

Three weeks post graduation and I am currently knee-deep on the search for a job. I have had a few prospects, but I am still on the search. I took the first few weeks to regroup and relax, but have been actively pursuing my first post-grad job. When not searching for a job, I am working on a few side projects. I am hoping to expand my zodiac t-shirt series into a whole design assignment building a brand and fictional company that creates astrology based t-shirts that could possibly expand into other myth products. I am also working on the development of a comic series with one of my friends. We have already created the main characters, plot, and first two issues. Now we are working on sketching and generating the actual comics.


On the prowl, job hunting.

With the countdown to graduation under three weeks, I am on the hunt for a job. I have spent the last few months perfecting my portfolio and resume, as well as sending out applications to different companies. Not much responses, but the ones I have gotten are highly positive. The main issue is just the urgency of the hiring process. Because I will not be in my chosen location for another three weeks, companies can’t seem to hire me yet. I will continue to apply as graduation looms on the corner. Wish me luck.

Here are some helpful links for others in the same boat as me.

Tips to Ace Graphic Design Online Interviews


Copyright and Graphic Design

Something that they don’t seem to teach at my school seem to be the legal things in relation to art and graphic design.  I have taken beginning business law, and other business classes, but they do not have the practical/ legal side of the art world. It seems that I have to do the research and learning on my own.

This week, because I wanted to post my thesis work from the Polygons, I wanted to know if I had any copyright issues since they have the right to their image, music, etc. Did I have the right to post the work I have done for them? As long as I cite them with their copyright and information, I seem to be all right. Here are something’s I learned…

First lets define a copyright:

Copyright is the exclusive right to control reproduction and commercial exploitation of your creative work. Copyright protects any kind of artwork, including illustrations, photographs and graphic design. Except under certain circumstances (see “work made for hire” below), you own the copyright in your work at the moment you create it in a “fixed” form of “expression.” A fixed form of expression is any tangible medium that can be perceived by humans, including traditional forms—such as paintings, sculptures, writings—and new forms that require a machine to perceive (e.g., GIF files, CDs, websites).


Here are the highlights from what I have learned. Everything something is created the creator owns the right to the product, to a certain extent. Things that are designed, as long as it’s original, are owned by the designer. Unless they work under someone else, have a contract in which it says that the client owns all the rights, etc., the designer has the rights.  Other major thing is that unless you file for copyright you can only really stop them with a “Cease and desist” letter, to sue you must file first. (BTW don’t take what I say to be pure fact, these are things I have learned, and hopefully they are correct, but I don’t have a degree in this nor have I taken classes on it. So do your research or get a lawyer.)

Check out the sites I have found about copyright and graphic design.

Bitter ranting on html/ outlook from Microsoft

     For the last few weeks I have been struggling to create a press kit/ email notification for my thesis client. Neither the program nor the Internet were helpful in the creating of the thing. I had to helplessly figure out how to built/ code it. Apparently I still haven’t gotten it right. I used a good temple to build the kit and edit it myself. It turned out alright when used on my own computer or when I emailed it to myself, but proofed useless in practical applications.

   I then changed it into a pdf, and used Abode Acrobat to create a pdf with hyperlinks. That also worked on my computer, but useless when sent to other users. Outlook has proved to be a completely lame version of hotmail. As my main email source it create much hassle when I am trying to send files or to communicate with others.  Both HTML and outlook have created a grand bitterness within me.


Anyways, have a happy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Polygons Website still in beta.

Polygons Website Now live

This is the site as part of my thesis working with the Polygons. After designing the site, Matt Weldon and Charles Francis built and coded the site. Check it out.


Polygons is a Progressive Rock band from Jacksonville Florida. With influences across the board they will inspire any listener. They are made up of accomplished players trained in Jazz, Blues, Classical and Rock. Led by singer/songwriter Rhea MD members are Elias MD, Jeff Dumm, Terrance Peters and Jon Lorimier.

Following their first album “With Sharp Edges” Polygons will release a second full length “The Other Side” in January of 2012.

© Copyright 2011 Polygons