How Jack Skellington Can Teach Us to Overcome Disappointment


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Jack Skellington is a powerfully scary man who, as King of the Pumpkin patch, is the best of the best from Halloween Town. But he has a huge problem:  he is full of disappointment and discouragement. He just can’t seem to find the drive to scare anymore and goes looking for a muse that leads him to Christmas Town.  Though I’m not trying to spoil the movie, in the end he finds that all he needed was to look inside himself to find his inspiration and purpose. Creative people often have the same problem; they face the challenge of dealing with discouragement daily.

Discouragement can come both from lack of self-esteem and lack of support from others. One will face harsh critics and cynicism from people who either honestly hate the artistic pieces or are jealous of one’s skills. Yet, what is worst than outside forces is the lack of self worth for the given talent.

Artists, designers, musicians, writers, or anyone who does creative things will find themselves at low points. They will land in a deep hole of self-pity where the light of creativity shines far in the distance and there’s no way to see a way up into the light. Of course, discouragement isn’t a complete low point, it may just be a little bump in the road.  Depending on the degree of one’s sensitivity, any low can feel troubling. I feel these especially when I have a design block.

The best way to get out of that hole is to just change mindset. Go do something else like working on another project, taking a walk, or anything to give a new perspective. Tell me about your experiences of discouragement in the comments or tweet me @Fayeelle on Twitter


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