Inspiration is a fickle mistress, she comes and goes as she pleases, here one moment and gone another. Sometimes inspiration comes in huge waves that overtake you, and make it so you have endless ideas producing artwork like a hurricane, but other times its like a drought leaving you bone-dry thirsting for just a single drop. This happens to everyone, especially people in the creative fields, and it’s a challenge to keep your chin up and get the work done.

  • Here are some of the things I do to drive my muse

Build an inspiration board or folder of images for a project as you began working on it.

  • Take advance of Google and just spend sometime looking at similar works or random images that relate to the project at hand.We are lucky enough to live in the digital age where we have the world at the tips of our fingers. I like to have a board of colors, images, and sometimes fonts that relate to the feeling of the project. I look back at them for ideas whenever I get stuck throughout my design process. This helps me to stay on the track with my design, and to keep the same line of thought as I work.
  • Research the field you are designing for. One of my biggest helps is to see what competitors in the industry’s designs look like. I do this to see what works or doesn’t work in terms of aesthetics. I want to see what others aren’t doing, and how I can design in a way that is innovative to the field. Another thing is that the cliché, “knowledge is power” is true. The more you know about what you are designing for, the better results you with get.
  • Take a break. Don’t think of the design you’re working on. By distracting myself from my mental block, I can remove it or see how to proceed in my design. This works best when I’m just plain stuck. My designs sometimes just end up going in loops and I want to send my computer flying out the window. The best way is to just stop and do something else, either by working another project or just taking a walk. Clearing your head can do wonders.
  • Sketch or doodle and see what comes out as you set your mind free. I’m a big believer in using a pen and pencil to explore. Even if it’s just a simple thumbnail, there is a freedom on paper that I feel can’t be replaced by a computer, the ability to quickly jot down ideas without the worry of perfection seems. So just open your notebook and start doodling down concepts and see what you come up with.
  • Talk to other people or show them your work to get feedback. Sometimes a fresh perspective can lead you down new roads or renovate your current one design. Remember the cliché. “two heads are better then one.” Everyone thinks about the world differently, so talk to other people and see how they would approach it your idea and how they interpret the current creation you have. It doesn’t have to be other designers; sometime the best things come from different people, whether it be a coworker, spouse or even your children.

How do you overcome your creative blocks? Post below to share your tips and experiences with creative block.


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