Elevator Pitch

As a designer, one of our challenges is to be able to sell ourselves and our work. You need to be able to market and showcase your services to create a need. This need is making yourself irreplaceable to people, showing them that you are what they need as a designer. One the best ways of creating customers out of your connections is an elevator speech.  This tool is a short artist statement mixed with a qualifications summary with a pinch and a dash of a sales pitch all mixed together in a snug bundle.

It doesn’t have to be super technical, but really be something of a short description of what you do, as well as what makes you different from other designers. I try to highlight more then my design ability, focusing instead my creative thinking and branding skills. In your pitch, describe what you do, what makes you different, and then add call-to-action.  The goal of your pitch is to start a conversation and get people to want to know you and your business.  Here is one of mine:

“Hello I’m Erin Feldman. I am a graphic designer, and I specialize on branding small businesses in the South Florida by building designs that are rooted in the core of their identity. I deeply investigate to reveal the personality of your company and who your target marketing is. Using this knowledge, I can build a design that will appeal to your customers and drive sales and brand loyalty. Please feel free to visit my site at erinfeldmandesigns.com and contact me about my work or your business needs. “

Let me hear your thoughts, or post your elevator pitch here.


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