20 Features Of Corel Draw

The CorelDraw is one of the greatest online tools that most of the designers are using nowadays in order to design different things.  It is extremely popular with the graphic designers.  Whenever the graphic designers begin their way they often use the CorelDraw in order to produce most of their work.  This CorelDraw has many good features which are extremely unique and popular.  This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended by all the graphic designers whenever a person wants to create something extremely unique.  Now there are advanced features for advanced graphic designers.

The CorelDraw can be used in many ways through the different functions and features that it has.  Altough CorelDraw has over hundred different features that can be used by graphic designers for producing their work but some of them are extremely popular.  These features are utilized in designing of not only to create websites but also different blogs on the Internet.  Apart from this these features are also used in designing pamphlets are designing material.  Most of the graphic designers use the CorelDraw in order to create something for a personal use up or for professional one.  If as a graphic designer you think you have enough creativity then you should go for the 20 best features of CorelDraw in order to create something extremely unique for yourself.

There have been a lot of new features and innovations in the CorelDraw and there are a number of top quality features that it has.  Here are some of them.

  • The CorelDraw has one of the greatest node edit tool which is very easy to operate and you can do that on different objects.  One of the other great features is the stroke feature before fill.
  • You also are many types of colors from the colors selection ballot and you can even choose your own colors while mixing different all together in order to create something new.  One of the top features is also known as the quarter draw which as complex gradient fills.  Another great feature is that you can easily choose the density of your colours by mixing them.
  • Not only this but one of the top features of CorelDraw is that it also has the option of handling different pages and layers.  This allows you to bring out a document with mighty layers and pages and therefore you can edit them as you please.
  • CorelDraw is not only limited to designing a website you can also edit pictures and it.  With the advanced edit options of the pictures you can easily fill out the details of any picture according to your requirement.

Printing is extremely easy when the CorelDraw because it allows you to print any image according to your specification because it allows you to have different sizes.  You can experiment with the different sizes and review all the print is going to look like.  Those like these there are many other features.

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