Technology: Two Steps Foreword, Five Steps Back

Technology is a magically thing that has allowed for humans to share knowledge, communication, and even art. We are able to create layouts, read books, and play games all at the touch of a button.  They have allowed for designers to create designs quickly and efficiently.  On the other hand it has made people lazy in some aspects. People do not talk as much, using social media as communication, or even to learn and memorize things for school using Cliffnotes and Wikipedia to shorthand their education.  Although, I am not saying I haven’t done all of these things, I am still dismayed by our reliance.

Technology, in its bittersweetness, as been freezing on me as of late. This is mainly my fault with my habit of too many windows and applications open, but it gets very irritating. At least once a day, Photoshop closes unexpectedly, or my finder needs to be relaunched, it really drives me crazy. Here are some tips on how to keep this from happening:

  • Limit your number of applications/ programs running.
  • Work off the desktop or main part of the computer, not off of flash drives or external servers.
  • Turn off programs your not using.
  • Let your computer cool off from time to time, or have a cooling pad.
  • Defrag and clean out cookies to remove unneeded programs.
  • Have a firewall or antivirus to keep your tech healthy. 

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