Bitter ranting on html/ outlook from Microsoft

     For the last few weeks I have been struggling to create a press kit/ email notification for my thesis client. Neither the program nor the Internet were helpful in the creating of the thing. I had to helplessly figure out how to built/ code it. Apparently I still haven’t gotten it right. I used a good temple to build the kit and edit it myself. It turned out alright when used on my own computer or when I emailed it to myself, but proofed useless in practical applications.

   I then changed it into a pdf, and used Abode Acrobat to create a pdf with hyperlinks. That also worked on my computer, but useless when sent to other users. Outlook has proved to be a completely lame version of hotmail. As my main email source it create much hassle when I am trying to send files or to communicate with others.  Both HTML and outlook have created a grand bitterness within me.


Anyways, have a happy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.


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