Summer Progress

Not a lot of design time over the summer because of busy internship schedule, but I am learning a bunch of stuff. I am working in the hospitality business in Orlando. I work with so many different people and guests everyday. That’s at least 40 hours of my week taken up, not including transportation and such.
So I am only doing a bit of designing on my day off on I am still mostly logo work, but I will try and do more diverse projects in the future. I would love to do more packages and print work. Research for my class is slow going because I am not working on it much, but I will more as the summer goes on.
That’s all for now. Have a great week.


Sorry about the long break.

I have been moving a lot this summer because of the semester break until August. I was home for a few weeks in May and I just moving into Orlando this summer until the 12th. I am working as an intern at one of the major theme parks here, and I am just learning to adjust to it.

So besides a lot of bad traveling, multitudes of packing and unpacking, this summer is off to a good start. I am learning a lot, about myself, the real world, and just being a human being in general. I will try to start to bring more up-to-date information on my ongoing summer, and all the things I learn. Most, unfortunately, won’t be about graphic design, but I am working on research for my undergraduate work next fall.

Wish me luck, goodbye.