Multitasking, the reason designers can get things done.


I hope you all know what multitasking is, but for our special friends, multitasking is the wonderful ability to do many things at one time. This can be a hard thing for some people but I love multitasking so much. This allows me to do all my projects, while still doing my social activities and homework.

Sometimes its probably not multitasking and its procrastinating, but that is normal for most people these days. I love the ability to be reading an article or watching my new episode of House or Dancing with the Stars but I am doing an art project on Photoshop and still chatting with my roommates or instant-messaging friends. Multitasking can be tricky, but once you have a flow it is one of the most valued tools of a designer.

Some studies may disagree but I still find I do better with the multitasking then pure concentrations but here are other people’s opinions:

That’s all for this rant.