Art Rules


This week I am going to write my laws of the artist. These aren’t all of the ones that artists should live by but what I feel it is important statements and rules that artists should use to help themselves be great and express themselves.

1. Everything and anything is inspiration.

As an artist you can be inspired by everything around you. There isn’t one idea that doesn’t have potential to be immense.  Being able to take in the world around us and turn it into something new is one of the beautiful things about being a creative person. Take time in your life to take in the world and churn it inside of you mixing with yourself and turn it out to the world as art. This is a communication of you.

2. Find time to let the artist juices flow.

Because of our busy society we lose touch with others around us and sometime with ourselves. So we need to take the time, as much as possible, to let the world arouse our being and to create. This is one of the great gifts of mankind is to create. We have this godlike power to create and manipulate things and make them new. Artists are the ones who have this gift to the highest degree and we need to make sure we use our power and create.

3.  Always have the tools of the trade available or at least a pen and paper.

I am always a fan of the basics, pen/pencil and paper. I like to draw thumbnails of my ideas or write them down on paper, but if you’re a photography have a camera, or if you’re write a notebook computer or paper. It just depends on your mediums of work.  At the minimum have some kind of paper to write-down your ideas.

4. Think outside, inside, on top of, underneath, within.. WHATEVER of that box.

All ideas like questions can never be dumb or stupid…. Well most of them. As a creator, an artist you are the one who sets the final boundary of your art. Don’t just think outside the box. Think without boundaries. As much as limits can make idea fly, sometimes you need to just think so out there to reel in your final astonishing idea.

5. Your art is an extension of you, so be truly you.

As an artist, what you make is you in that moment of creation.  What you think, feel, even who you are.  You wouldn’t like everything you do, but you should understand its part of you.  Unlike design, which is both art and a communication of the design and the clients, art is just yours. Be selfish and embrace your art


Constant Vigilance

No matter what industry you go into you have to  be current with other others in your field. This can lead you to learn new things in your field, in this case design, to learn the trends, techniques, programs and technology available. For this reason I think it is important to be at least aware of the other designers in my field. Here are some designers , artists, and illustrators whose work I enjoy:

Fat-Man Collective

Jo Sturgess


Bitbots Toys

Sunil Shenoy


Mutant Labs

Design Monsters

Simply Creative

Manuel Rebollo


Jonathan Yuen

(By the way I love this site although there is a bit much on the flash. It is just a beautiful piece of art onto itself.)

Fully Illustrated

Kinetic Shadows/ Brian Rhinehart

Rant about typography and fonts…..

Typography is the design or art with type. Some of the great design of our time is without any pictures at all. It is one of the first things you take as a graphic design student at my school. What you first have to learn is how type can convey a them or emotion.

Every type must communicate the client.  Art is an expression of self, design is an expression that has directed communication for a design to design for their client and their customers. Type, as well as the design must communicate this.

Two main types of type are serif and san-serifs. Serifs are types with the extension on the end of the letter, like Times New Roman San-serifs don’t have the serifs and appear to be just start lines, Type has an anatomy just like the human body that builds the type. Below is more about the basics of type.

Typography can be a beautiful thing in design. But some of the difficult is the choice of type, and making the type your own. By just leaving the type as is, it isn’t truly yours. One of my main focus of my design work is to be an representation of myself, so my font must do this too.

Well that’s all for today. Here are some good fonts sites for you to peruse.

New Year, New Projects, New Semester

New Year is a time of resolution and breaking of those resolutions, celebrating with family and friends, drinking, time for changes and fears of the end of the world.  Not much going on until the new semester. I lost my subject list for my blog so it will be another week until new main articles and rants. Also flash tutorials for the games are dumb so if anyone knows any good ones let me know.

Happy New Year, be safe.